Winning at Customer Services and Call Center Job Interviews

(224 pages)

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This comprehensive and intelligent guide has been written by top interviewers Annette Lewis and Joe Mc Dermott both of whom have extensive experience within the Customer Services and Call Center sectors. They have recruited for a variety of positions from Customer Service Advisors up to Call Center Managers and share the answers that win and those that lose. This 224 page guide includes:

  • Model answers to 96 questions frequently asked at Customer Services and Call Center Interviews
  • Answers to Competency Based and Behavioural questions
  • Specific questions for Customer Service Advisors and Agents, Team Leaders and Supervisors and Senior Managers
  • An analysis of the Customer Services and Call Center Industry and the key skills required to succeed
  • Different format of interview you will encounter
  • How to prepare, what to wear, what to say and do
  • Questions asked at Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) job interviews
  • Four exact Job Interview Scripts as used in by interviewers

Answers to questions such as 'Can you give an example of a time you experienced good Customer Service and explain why it was good?' and 'Now, tell me about a time you gave effective Customer Service'' and many more.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Essential Theory

Chapter 1: All about Customer Services and Call Centers
Careers in Customer Services
Skills Required in Customer Services
The Labor Market
Key Issues Facing the Industry
What Makes Good Customer Service
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Glossary of Terms Chapter

2: Customer Service and Call Center Job Interview Basics
Purpose of an interview
What every interviewer is looking for
Interview Styles

Chapter 3: Interview Formats
One on One
Round Robin
Panel Interviews
Telephone Interviews
Assessment Centers
Psychometric Tests
Dealing with Inexperienced Interviewers
Second Interviews
Structured Interviews

Chapter 4: Secrets of Successful Interviews
Proper Preparation
Research the Company
Carry out a Trial Journey
Conduct a Mock Interview

Chapter 5: On the Big Day
The Interview Structure
How to Dress for Success
Overcome Interview Nerves
Last Minute Check
Make a Great First Impression

Chapter 6: Interview Questions Analyzed
Six Types of Interview Questions
Common Questioning Styles
How to Give Winning Answers
Dealing with Illegal Questions

Chapter 7: How to Predict the Questions
Chapter 8: Common Interview Questions (Questions 1-10)
Chapter 9: Competency and Behavioural Interview Questions (Questions 11-41)
Chapter 10: Role Specific Questions (Questions 42-73)
Customer Service Advisor and Entry Level Team Leader/Supervisor/Manager Contact Center Manager/Head of Customer Services
Chapter 11: Tough Questions for All (Questions 74-96)
Chapter 12: Questions for BPO Candidates
Chapter 13: Closure – Including Questions to Ask Index of Questions Answered
Appendix I – Job Interview Scripts
Customer Service Advisor
Call Center Agent
Customer Care Team Leader
Head of Customer Services

(224 pages)
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Customer Reviews

"This is a very well written and up to date guide published this year. It is a must for anyone looking for a job in a customer services environment such as I am. Great model answers and lots of tips specific to this industry."
Tammy Janus, Chicago, ILL

"Just to let you know that I used your guide and I have just got an offer of a Customer Care Supervisor job."
C kantam

"I got the download version and I am very impressed with the quality of the content"
O Olumbaye
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Job Interview Guide ¦ Winning at Customer Services and Call Center Job Interviews